We see the hope and potential in every young person

Wingham Youth Centre




Erin Wilkins
Wingham Youth Director
Cell/Txt: 519-531-0316
Office: 519-357-2277 xt: 109
Email: erin.w@yfcnorthhuron.com

Drop In:

At the Wingham Youth Centre we host Drop In nights for elementary and high school aged students. During that time we organize outdoor sports and activities, as well as just hang out with youth playing board games or pool.

We participate in 3 story evangelism. What that means is that we listen to the stories of our youth. We share our story and then we share God’s story. The purpose of this is to value the youth we are involved in by being in relationship when sharing the Gospel with them. In sharing our story we are already beginning to share the story of our Lord by what he has done in our lives.

We provide opportunities for our youth to make a decision about accepting a relationship with Jesus Christ and his offer of salvation. We do this through tools like Youth Alpha and sharing our testimonies.

The Wingham branch of North Huron YFC hosts Drop In during the Friday and Saturday evenings for elementary and high school aged youth.

Jr Youth Drop In  Saturdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Sr. youth Drop In Friday’s, 7 – 10pm

Campus Life:

This is an opportunity in which we get to serve in our local youth community by mentorship in the high school and elementary (gr. 7-8).  We are able to help students through decision making, managing stress, suicide prevention, and self worth among many other topics.

Each Thursday I attend the local high school and meet with students from grades 7-12 for mentoring meetings. Each student is unique and so with some I will sit and talk while with others I’ll play a board game or have basketball game of 21 while talking. This gives the student an opportunity to have someone not connected to an authority figure in their life in which to talk with. Most of the adults in the students life are teachers or parents.